Simmiland by Sokpop Collective
Purchasable for $5.00 on Steam and

Simmiland is a top-down card game with a unique God-like action twist. You could even throw in some Simulation genre elements and Simmiland would fit just the same. In Simmiland you are the hand of God. It’s all very straight forward and simple in its execution. This could be to its detriment as Simmiland could come across as too plain for some. You won’t find an extravagant terrain builder or complex economies here. What you will find is a haphazard style of world building mixed with a lot of player guesswork. What is here is done well and can be quite entertaining for some types of gamers. Think of Simmiland as a light version of Sim Earth mixed with a little Populous. Let’s head out and see what can be unearthed in Simmiland.

simmiland gameplay

Your civilization starts out small

Simmiland Card Decks

In Simmiland it is your job to create a thriving civilization with nothing but a deck of cards. Unlike other world builders, you don’t get to always pick what you want and are always at the mercy of the cards here. Simmilands cards include everything from humans, natural disasters, plants, trees, critters, and mother nature effects like the wind and sun. It is up to you to utilize these cards to discover new items and technologies for your civilization to use before the end of the game, the apocalypse card, shows it face and must be played. For instance, you can change the types of terrain tiles by using weather effect cards like rain and sun. You can then use tree and plant cards on the varying terrain tiles to obtain different harvestable goods for your people. Your people in Simmiland have hopes and dreams just like you do. They will make their requests known to you, their God. In return for fulfilling their desires, you are awarded faith points. The cards in your deck require faith points to spend, making the circle of life complete. It’s up to you to figure out the different combinations needed to progress your civilization further.

simmiland card shop

The card shop has a large number of new cards

Simmiland Gameplay

I quite enjoy this trial and error style of gameplay. There’s no guide or combination list that will help you discover the secrets to making an axe or how to domesticate animals. It makes the hunt for finding the next best thing interesting and keeps challenging me to come back for another round once the deck runs out. Simmiland has quite the variety of achievements both in game and Steam. Once you discover a new thing in Simmiland you will be awarded in-game currency you can then utilize within the in-game shop to buy more cards. Make sure to check out the shop after the first playthrough as there are cards in the shop that you don’t currently start with like the meteor. There’s a wealth of knowledge waiting to be learned there.

simmiland walkthrough

Beware the bears!

The End of Simmiland

Simmiland is fun for quick sessions and will likely keep entertained for a short period of time. Herein lies the downside. The game is not very long. Within a matter of a few hours, there’s a great possibility that you will unlock all the achievements and have nothing left to discover. Thankfully Sokpop has included an endless mode which has no limit on the number of cards you can play, hence the name endless. Overall I think Simmiland is a fun little title well worth the $5.00. A few minor annoyances such as the lack of pause button make finding certain discoveries hard. Often times you have to quickly inspect an item before your people use it and if you’re not fast enough you’ll miss out on the discovery. A pause button would be an easy remedy for this situation. The graphics are not superb but the gameplay is intriguing just enough to make it worthwhile. Simmiland is a rather shallow game that doesn’t take itself too seriously and that’s fine by me.