During my usual stroll through Twitter and Reddit, I occasionally happen upon some small game that I feel must be added to the Manablast catalog while I cross my fingers that they can make it to release day. MindSeize by Kamina Dimension is one of these titles. While I don’t think the still pictures on their Steam store page are doing them any favors they seized my interest with the video and now I’m here waiting in line till I can review it fully. It’s just something about that sword and the way it slashes combined with the gritty level design with fluid movement mechanics. I don’t like all Metroidvania games so this one is definitely not a shoo-in. There’s even more slashing goodness on the official MindSeize Twitter so you should check it out there as well.

Heres the most recent MindSeize gameplay video featuring some pre-alpha gameplay. It sure doesn’t look pre-alpha. Maybe Kamina Dimension is redefining the term “alpha” as well.

As always stay right here for an updated review when I can get my hands on the fully released game.