drawngeon hand drawn art

I’m a big sucker for hand-drawn graphics and this is no exception. Drawngeon by DarkDes Labs is slated to release sometime in 2019. Do not worry though. Stanislav Filippov has been working hard at developing Drawngeon and regularly posts updates to his Twitter feed. The amount of depth and complexity DarkDes Labs are fitting into these hand drawings is quite amazing. Here’s a short summary right from Drawngeon’s Steam page:

The life went on as usual in the Inkland, until the Tower has suddenly fallen straight from the sky!
Many heroes tried to solve its mystery, but none of them succeeded! Maybe it’s your turn to test yourself?
Explore the procedurally generated game world of the Inkland – dungeons, caves, forest and, of course, the Mysterious Tower. Who can reveal all the secrets of the Mysterious Tower? Choose your hero – a warrior, magician or rogue! Each has its own unique ability: to fight with a shield, use powerful spells or avoid enemy attacks skillfully.


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