Bump2 by Aaron Steed
Purchasable for $1.50 on Android and $0.99 on IOS

Bump2 Release Day!

Coinciding with this review Bump2 just released on IOS and Android today. Consider this the one and only Manablast accidental exclusive. I think this game will be a great fit for the mobile arena where bumping games like Auro have already found great success. Give it a shot and send me your best high score on Twitter so we can crown a Bump2 release day champion!

Bump 2 – The Review

bump2 dashing

Bump up that multiplier!

Bump2 is a fun puzzle game where you navigate through an endless level by bumping and dashing your way through enemies seeking the highest score possible. For starters, you can only move one square at a time. Bumping into an object twice, or a potion once will give the ability to dash. Dashing allows you to move any number of squares till you hit something. The key to the whole thing is to make consecutive bumps which will increase your score multiplier. You lose your multiplier if your next move doesn’t hit anything. Chaining these bumps and dashes together while maintaining a high multiplier is the key to success in Bump2.

You lose, try again

As you progress through the level the types of blocks and enemies will progressively get harder. Enemies will start actively seeking you out. If you get hit twice your game is over. The tactics required to stay alive change as some enemies can only be attacked from the side and some blocks may explode. There’s quite a bit going on in Bump2 for such a little package. It’s quick to pick up and play while having an increasing amount of depth and difficulty the farther you get. Scoring high scores here feels really good and rewarding. As of today, you can actually play Bump2 on all mobile devices! I’ll be picking this one up for Android as soon as I’m done writing this. I fully recommend this one.

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