Thank you for stopping by Manablast. Here is where I pour my heart out and tell you a little about what this is, why it was created, and what the future plans are. You don’t have to read it all. I doubt you will but it’s here for all eternity in case you want to come back and check it out.

Who runs this show?

Manablast is currently ran by me, Froz3n (aka Froz3nSlack5r, Mike, or other names depending on who you ask). It’s currently a one-man shop. I’ve been writing primarily Nintendo Switch reviews over on Nindie Nexus for a year and SwitchRPG for a little less. I’ve also done a few Youtube videos for their respective channels. Turns out I like doing this sort of thing.

What is this?!

The name, Manablast, is the best brand name I could think up. I eventually got tired of drafting up lists upon lists of names and just went with it. Manablast is a gaming content website primarily focused on Indie games that no one is talking about. If you want the list of names I was juggling just hit me up on Twitter and I might let a few out of the bag

Why does exist?

I’ve seen a lot of indie games on Twitter and Reddit that no one seems to talking about. I have created Manablast to fill this gap by producing reviews and video content while curating specific indie gaming news all in one location.

Other Affiliations?

Manablast was not meant to be created to steal traffic or ideas from my friends at Nindie Nexus and SwitchRPG. Yes, I consider all of them good friends of mine. If anything I think we can all leverage each’s strong suites and relationships to make each other better. Each of my friends has placed themselves in a unique niche that I couldn’t tackle even if I wanted to. If anyone objects to this please reach out via normal channels or email me at and we can discuss further.

Future Plans?

Not sure if you know this or not but will eventually cost a few dollars to run. I can’t say what will happen in the future but it’s currently ad-free because the usual ad’s suck. Manablast will feature Indie games and their creators not advertisements from some ad network. I could imagine a future where I place Indie curated ad’s that benefit the same indies were trying to help with Manablast. There are some ideas to sell spots for featured posts and video content. A lot of things need to happen before any of this becomes a thing. In the meantime, I will focus on producing the best and most unique indie content out there.

Selling yourself so soon?

Everything here on Manablast will always be to the lowest shill level possible. But like I said earlier there will be a day that this thing needs some funds to keep rolling. Don’t be surprised or yell at me on Twitter when it happens. I can promise that it will be done in good taste and respectfully.

You’re still here?

You’re still here!? Wow, thanks! This is a project of mine born straight out of the love for video games in general. If you’re an indie game developer or all-around game maker and want to contact me for opportunities feel free to email me at